Howard Tang

Associate Partner

Howard Tang is an entrepreneur with a wide range of understanding in Marketing. He has worked with the United Nations International Telecommunication Union in establishing an exceedingly successful conference segment (Smart ABC) at the ITU Telecom World that focuses specifically on innovative technology (AI, Smart Banking, and Smart City). He worked as the Business Manager for Maison Futuro during their collaboration/partnership with Hewlett Packard and Bang & Olufsen. He is the Co-Founder and Business Director of a marketing start-up company called Grandtereal. His entrepreneurial journey began while attending college; He started his own personal business in Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching. He was also Head of Communications in a start-up traveling agency called Easy Cruising Asia. He graduated with a Business Marketing Degree at University of California, Riverside. He served as the Operations Director at the American Marketing Association, Marketing Director at the Undergraduate Business Association, LAKFF College Volunteer Coordinator, Leo Club (Chino Hills) President & Founder.