Chaloemphon Lorattanasane

Venture Partner

Chaloemphon Lorattanasane is currently the CFO of PAC 17, providing administrative, financial, and risk management operations of PAC 17 and Executive Education and Enrichment Institute. Known for his years of experience in diverse businesses and leading the implementation of many turnkey strategic business plans, he is the ultimate craftsman in supporting the company’s strategic direction to help create an environment in which business disrupters, prominent thought leaders and game changers can have a place to refine their leadership skills, in a learning environment that fits with their taste and preferences.

Chaloemphon Lorattanasane, (PhD) is a recipient of Tokyo University Government Scholarship. In addition to being a highly respected expert in the field of electronic engineering, performing advisory roles with the Chairman of Bangkok Metropolitan Council and the Committee on Energy of National Legislative Assembly, Chalermphon is also himself an accomplished businessman.